Profoot Solefresh – 3/4 Length Ultra Thin Shoe Liners


Solefresh – 3/4 Length Ultra Thin Shoe Liners

Ideal for Foot Odour.
We designed our Solefresh Ultra Thin 3/4 Length Shoe Liners to fit in most shoes and we made them using a four layer technology.
The upper layer is made of a breathable dermatologically tested fabric, the two middle layers are made from a highly absorbent cotton wool that contains allergen-free perfumes and anti-bacterial active agents. Our Shoe Liners are designed to keep your feet and shoes fresh and odour free all day, whilst helping to prevent fungus
The bottom layer on our 3/4 Length Shoe Liners has an anti slip coating to ensure the best fit in your shoe.
These shoe liners are suitable for all year round use and are dermatologically tested meaning they won’t irritate your feet.
Contains Anti-bacterial ingredient: Pyrithione Zinc 0.01g per insole

Key Features

  • Absorbs perspiration
  • Lightly fragranced
  • One size fits all – 3/4 length for open toe shoes
  • Suitable all year round
  • 2 Pairs per pack


Separate the insoles, remove the backing and place in the shoes with the blue side facing downwards. We recommend replacing the Solefresh Shoe Liners after 14 days or sooner if needed.


Store in a dry place at room temperature.

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