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The Profoot Range

If your feet aren’t happy, then neither are you!

Profoot design and manufacture footcare products that help make walking, standing or running a more comfortable experience.

Our range of footcare products has been developed to offer relief from a variety of foot complaints. Whether you have heel, arch or ball of foot discomfort, corns or calluses, Profoot have a solution for you. Even if you do not suffer with any foot complaints and would like to experience superior comfort, Profoot can help.
Your feet are your connection with the world!

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Profoot SoftGel

External friction, pressure and shearing forces are the cause of many foot problems. Our Soft Gel has all the properties needed to relieve or to reduce these causes, providing relief from pain for many of your foot complaints.

Friction Reduction – As the gel’s opposing surfaces move separately from each other, friction is dramatically reduced.

Pressure Relief – The gel has the ability to redistribute downward pressure sideways, providing excellent pressure relief to the body.

Moisturising – The gel contains pure medical grade mineral oil – helping to keep the skin soft and supple, reducing hard callused skin and helping to prevent calluses forming.

Adaptable – As our gel conforms to whatever shape or surface contour it comes into contact with, it has excellent cushioning properties.

Value – The gel is washable and reusable; while retaining all of its benefits, Soft Gel products last far longer than traditional padding material, offering great value for money.

Variable Size – Many of the Soft Gel products are elasticated and one size fits all; most products can be trimmed to size.

Used by Professionals – These products are used by Chiropodists and Podiatrists worldwide.

Profoot SoftGel
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Check out where you can buy our products.


Check out where you can buy our products.