Dry Skin

Dry Skin

Dry skin is a fairly common condition and in most cases can be managed with a good foot cream and a foot care regime. In severe cases, where the dry skin may have caused cracked skin, a soft density gel protector pad will protect and help to reduce stress on tender areas. For cracked heels we would recommend our Gel Max heel cushions as they provide all day comfort for your feet, no matter what level of activity they are put through. They also contain a ribbed section which is designed to gently massage your heel as you walk.

What else can I do?

Treat your feet to a DIY pedicure:

  • Remove any nail polish
  • Fill a bowl with warm water and add a little Jasmine essential oil, this will help gently moisturise your feet while you soak them.
  • After five minutes, dry your feet and apply a thick foot moisturiser, if possible, do this at night and wear some cotton socks whilst sleeping, this way the feet will stay moisturised for longer.
  • Brush some clear varnish on your toenails and your feet will be transformed!

If your dry skin continues to be a problem, try using Profoot’s Soft Gel range, which helps protect and soothe problem areas. The range uses an advanced polymer gel, which contains medical grade mineral oil, to help keep the skin soft and supple and reduce the build up of, hard skin, calluses and corns. This unique collection contains:

  • Corn Wraps, designed to give full wrap-around protection, by reducing virtually all pressure and friction to the skin whilst softening the hard skin.
  • Toe Spreader, relieves bunion and toe pain by separating and properly aligning big and second toes.
  • Toe Protector, surround, cushion and protect sore toes.

These products are ideal for People with Dry Skin

Gel Max Heel Cushions

Corn Wraps

Toe Spreader

Toe Protector