Triad Insoles

You’ll feel dramatic results the minute you put Triad Insoles in your shoes. The triple action, the advanced design provides superior support and comfort to the three zones of your feet: the arches, heels, and balls of feet. The Triad is superb in helping to prevent foot fatigue and relieving knee and back pain.

Memoreze Insoles

Memoreze features a unique 2-layer orthotic designed to mould exactly to the shape of your feet and help ease the pain.

The bottom layer acts like a firm supporting shock absorber. It supports the arch and stabilises the heel while cushioning impact caused by walking or running. The top layer is an advanced memory-foam that ’learns the shape of your foot’ as you walk.

Lambswool Insole

Our Profoot Lambswool Insoles give your feet extra warmth and comfort. They are perfect for use in shoes, boots, wellies and of course slippers!

Not only do they provide extra warmth in the winter but they are cooling in hot weather.  The pure lambswool top is cosy and comfortable….

Lambswool Insoles

Invisible Insoles

Profoot Invisible Insoles are designed to fit into open shoes, sandals and high heels. They provide discreet cushioned comfort for the heel and the ball of foot.

The non-slip design ensures that the insoles stay firmly in place.

Invisible Insoles

High Heel Insoles

Our Profoot High Heel Insoles are so slim they are virtually invisible underfoot. And have an adhesive strip to ensure they stay in place, perfect for Sandals, Strappy Dress Shoes, Boots, Court Shoes, as well as Slingbacks.

Two pairs included one leopard and one beige and made with super soft foam making them superb at cushioning and shock absorption.

All-day Comfort Insoles

Our insoles are lightweight, breathable and they offer all-day superior protection for sore or fatigued feet sometimes caused by ill-fitting shoes.

Profoot All Day Comfort is impregnated with Ultra-fresh freshness protection.

Solefresh – Full Length

We are designed our Solefresh Full Length Ultra Thin Shoe Liners to fit in most shoes and they are made using a four layer technology, the upper layer is made of a breathable dermatologically tested fabric, the two middle layers are made from a highly absorbent cotton wool as well as allergen-free perfumes and antibacterial active agents.

Solefresh – 3/4 Length

We designed our Solefresh Ultra Thin 3/4 Length Shoe Liners fit in most shoes and are made using a four layer technology.

The bottom layer on our Solefresh Ultra Thin 3/4 Length Shoe Liners has an anti slip coating to ensure the best fit in your shoe.

Gel Insoles – Men’s & Women’s

The Profoot Gel Insoles have been designed with dual-gel technology, our soft gel ensures a cushioned fit which in turn provides enhanced shock absorption and pressure relief. With the firmer gel underneath offering extra support for your foot.

They are available in Men’s and Women’s sizes.

Just cut the insole to size.

Memory Foam Insoles

Our luxuriously soft memory foam insoles contour perfectly to your feet’s unique shape. Remoulding with every step to help give a comfortable and cushioned fit, helping to prevent tired aching feet. They have a non-slip textured sole, so no slipping and moving around in your shoes which is as equally important.

The Profoot Memory Foam is unisex and comes with a cutting guide and instructions.

Double Cushion Insoles

Profoot Double Cushion Insoles are full-length and are suitable for anyone who needs cushioned protection. Their dual layer design helps improve shoe fit and comfort.


At Profoot, we believe your feet play a key role in maintaining your health. We were careful to design our large range of Insoles to combat a variety of specific issues from foot discomfort to cold or smelly feet.

From our clinically proven Gel Max heel cushions to Memoreze that conform to your feet within an hour, it doesn’t matter if you are walking around town or going on a hike, the Profoot range is there to give you the best underfoot comfort available! In fact, Profoot products are sold and recommended by chiropodists not only here in the UK but in America as well.

If you are experiencing pain we think our products will help alleviate your discomfort, in fact, we are so confident in our products that we offer a Money Back Guarantee on our Insoles*!

*The Money Back Guarantee does not cover Solefresh.

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